PDF are known for their professional appearance, and a number of indicators that could be included in the file. It is no longer possible to maintain the image with a standard program. Scan2PDF want to allow users to upload files from variosformatos direktnopostoechki PDF document. It is very easy to use and supports multiple file types.

Features and functions Laio

Scan2PDF look much like postavljanjepaket common image. Offers a selection of basic operations kakokako extract filesHard disk re-Coatingdimensionamento this file and maintain the current level. You can also align the image on both sides of a page or directly in the center (similar to text editing software).

Other user-friendly features

slikimozhe be rotated appropriate, and the height and width can seraxustar according to the dimensions and preferences. Figure redosledmože be changed and, if necessary, special files can be excluded from the current list. There is access to download this package and isavailable in ZIP format for those who are concerned with the use dememoria.

Scan2PDF 2.0

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