‘’When I am in the process of coaching, I usually don’t train the person; he /she should have been already trained. The role of a coach is to support, stimulate, inspire, and focus on the exchange of ideas”.
Coaching is a way to direct the inner power of an individual or organization to attain their full potential. “Four W” created innovative programs that help entities design and implement their expected outcomes.
“Four W “helps interested people or companies to know exactly what they want to create the change needed or implement a skill or body of knowledge.
Coaching is an advanced program in which a dialogue is planned to wipe out what is blocked so you become able to reach your desired state of being, therefore excellence, happiness, abundance and wholeness.
Through our coaching, we will assist you through all the steps to ensure you positively remove personal or organizational blockages, thereby empowering you to reach your goals and create your vision and direction for the days and years to come. Whether personally or professionally, we stand by you.
• Personal Growth
• Stress Management and Balance
• Health, Ageing, Lifestyle and Self-Care
• Family and Parenting
• Relationships and Intimacy
• Motivation and Confidence
• Life work balance
• Time Management
• Career coaching and Development
• Start up business
• Entrepreneurial and Small Business Development
• Finances and Budgeting
• Other….
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Business Coaching
Life Coaching