There may be times when a LAN (Local Area Network), local IP addresses that need to detect. Advanced IP scanner that is completely free, but has adopted more than 22 million users. Some key features such as remotely manage other computers gaitasunaGailu to all networks, or even disable the computer network, if required. Therefore IT professionals to use this software.

Features and functions

This scanner not hobetuIPainstallation of the computer, so that the memory allocation is not a problem. All results should be recorded in a CSV file, then the system is an excellent opportunity to network administrators in troubleshooting. For a computer to be daitekeRDP remote access software (Remote Desktop Protocol). This leaves the User with a series of steps to disable or deactivate the system. all network resources, you can get to quickly. This is important to findthe virus skanirovaniiDlyaedosegurtasun potential violation. Finally, advanced IP-scanner that is designed for use by those who have little experience in IT. Its intuitive design is ideal for both beginners and professionals.


hobetueskaneatzen mechanism that provides greater speed and accuracy

the ability to view the scan results in the list of IP addresses added free

The results can be saved as HTML or CSV files

Ohikointerfazea is improved

addednew languages ​​(Thai, Turkish, Portuguese, German).

Advanced IP Scanner 2

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