WAMPServer program and allows the media to create web applications with database PHP Apache2 and MySQL. The application is very intuitive to use, even though he has a lot of features. Service and software appears to be free on the entire line.

byaspechnayaasyaroddeom to create web applications

WAMPServer program downloaded and installed on your computer automatically, if you let it. After installation, you can gain access to the development environment prilozheniy.Vy can create a folder in the www and dadatsv himHis PHP files. software software allows you to manage your MySQL Apache and enhanced services. You can give everyone access to your area, or limit it to the local host. You can manage to break your statements, and you can access the file settings access to your journal. you ookJy can create aliases, if you want, and apply to get your own server, without the file settings.

Conclusion – a safe place for application developers

Software zabespyachenneWAMPServer very small and veryeasy to install. Once you can gain access to the development environment install it on your computer, jyJy and began to create a web application in a safe place. Wednesday is designed for application developers and a forum for questions.

WAMPServer d 64

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