The Sims 2 in the second installment of the simulation game. gamers the opportunity to create and manage their own families and help them to achieve their goal is to offer the opportunity to get rounded citizens.

Step into the world OFTHE LAY Sims 2

The action takes place in suburban stereotype. Gamers start a pilot, and they can develop their personal according to the will. Obviously this all the time says and takes a lot of dedication and a lot of, like using the study of sleep and the pilotthe toilet, but now dull.

Your beloved Sims?

Sims2 guide gamers through the development of more detailed and imaginative etaberen and to anyone who is a fan of the spel’n simulation will have hours of fun. It should noted, it takes a few hours to Sims 2, and it is not the action and adventure with a lot of people in a game.

SimsSal back for four intsallment again the opportunity to build your dream and see how to be your virtual development. After years of waiting for The Sims 3 you canlast installment of interest loopreigniteserie handle it?

Sims lack of content in series

Sims 4 is not trying to revolutionize the core of the series. However, you can also see some new features compared to other games in the series, I hope. Shock, it is clear that this new version, Electronic Arts, the opposite of what I did expect, instead of adding new content, the publisher decided was the game by taking away an amount greater functionality.

There is a swimming pool, ChildrenDo can Sims puts work for too long and it was clear to see on the list are: Electronic Arts believes he has enough space to add features that removed from the game kryDLC in the future. It seems to me unfortunate approach to the game “all” is no longer seen as a full price.

Important aside however many games new opportunities dorpSimsdaiteke or at home. You can buy a huge range of objects and original, so you will train to go. It’s a pity, but now getyou have a load screen, and jyJou Sims to move from one village to another, while providing an open world The Sims 3, where the action kept constant. The good news is that new doors allow community you can share your creations online with (characters and buildings).

In response to the large artificial etaInteligentzia

In terms of the game and access Sims 4 significantly improved its predecessors. Those who are familiar can be annoying with the series of larger manual, but everything has been redesignedbetter control of the game.

Features new production is excellent, you can easily create your dream Sim, just by moving the mouse over parts of the body you want verander.Dan, Daedo Build your client, items are now organized in a manner that is clear according to the different rooms of the house.

In this way the behavior of the Sims subject of much aandag.Sistematiese overview of the necessary characteristics of the current autonomous more and his task automatically to take care of their own to theneeds to meet them. it isSims your talent to focus on making the necessities and provide for the development of the game through its activities.

Please note that the camera controls are awkward and do. It is not possible to move in three dimensions, and benefit from the experience of the last three episodes of a great disappointment.

It is not technically amazing, but good

Sims 3 years later, the reality of this new version, many expectedto knap.Ongelukkig the image is the difference between the Sims 3 and The Sims 4, not expected to itxurazkoizan. Also affected are some beautiful images that look interesting, but the graphics in this new version has been released from the moment it was founded is.Dit’s too bad, but obstacles benefits the computer is still effective.

Not escape the topic of taking the new Sims, clearly improve the level of detail of the gesig.Verbeterings include available in a larger number of animals,withSims now going through a wide range of izateazemozio. So you can take all the fun experience of the impression a lot of leweA Sims.

While the concept is too much with TLC

The Sims 4 successfully underwhelming. Development seems difficult to have worked on the interface; Friends Sims characters and build the model with jewels, and a large capacity. ZureSims better with a more systematic review and automatic experience better goods more freedom younow.

Unfortunately, the games easily forgotten, especially viraanhangerslong series of dry mistakes. In addition to the shortcomings rejected technical, the game is locked in quantities large compared to Sims 3, indicating that it is a long series of content downloaded paid binnekort.Hierdie movement of bad luck on the part of Electronic Arts, who will review fiscal policy daDatozen of if they want to avoid alienating many of their supporters.

The Sims 2

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