On the Greek island of hedonistic middle-aged doctor becomes obsessed with a young tourist, when she let him tag along with his band of hard party with friends. For middeljarige Kostis, his life over. As the newly appointed doctor on a small island, Kostis proveltemno winter alone. By the time summer comes, but the island is a thriving, wild vacation spot with bare beaches and crazy parties. When Kostis meets a beautiful and playful Anna, he falls hard for her, and from negoviyanachin towin and impress haar.Voordat kakdolgo Kostis spent most of his time drunk, party hard and even to do with Anna. What started as a rediscovery of long-lost youth, albeit slowly became an obsession as Kostis is ready for whatever you need to do to see Anna. Tan notes krasotui body strength young hugging her inevitable decline.

middle-aged doctor Greek island becomes obsessed with a young tourist to sign his pozvolyavago, together with their friends.

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