ShowMyPC PC collaboration tool free.

It is free, open source software will allow you to see additional and access another computer, or a desktop screen is ideal when multiple users need to see the same or provide any help from afar. ShowMyPC could not be easier to set the same user application on their computer. A person who wants to share their hitsPC “Show My PC Now”, and the people who want to see the hits See the PC remotely.

ShowMyPCaydevelopment parolshto other users must provide in order to gain access to your computer. You can also share supply. app allows you to take screenshots and host and join the list of meetings scheduled. Chat feature has ShowMyPC whiteboard, such as exchange-speak.

what are the technical level, you have the ability to ffurfweddugweinydd surrogate and private, to improve safety. You will also be able to adjust the properties of the default server installed by right-clicking on TightVNCyaki ShowMyPCicon will be displayed on the sistematray server. It is generally easy to use application that makes sharing easy free. Of course, there is a good view of ShowMyPCs program, but it is very practical.

For, simple desktop sharing free, give ShowMyPC go.

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