With ShareIt You can transfer files from a variety of devices, such as phones, tablets and computers. With a direct Wi-Fi connection ShareIT files, photos, videos, and applications from one device to another, you can send. If it works, it’s amazing, but if it does, there is a smallescheraz reason to try.

Send photos, videos, software and much moreThe ShareIt main feature is the transfer of files between people, without the use of cloud storage. You can view photos, videos, local music, documents and applications from a single devicetogether nutzenzum other. It does not matter kakuyuplatformu you use as ShareIt with ShareIt other compatible devices kommuniziert.Es does not transmit data for total Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth. Instead, it creates a direct wireless connection with up to five devices, such as a small network. Afterbeing connected to another device, files can be sent and received. You also mozheteKraschy cloning device and the content of the other device ShareIt senden.Der this multi-platform, including Windows PC.

Is not it always arbeitenDas multiplatform installation andIt causes problems for ShareIT, because you nuzhnodlya troubleshooting connecting various devices. Since ShareIT used not to connect via Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth, it must be connected directly to another device. This means that the device generates hotpoint to other devices verbinden.Die application also does not explain what you need to configure the Wi-Fi. In the settings menu, there are options “prefer hot spot” when sending or receiving, but dieApp never mentioned that the device creates hot spots for data exchange.ShareIt also buggy. My first attempt to transfer files, the application brought zamorozit.Oba devices were ShareIT to the transmission of a new working starten.Wenn ShareIT, it’s fast. fotografiiperedaetsya quickly. The video was uneven data rate and transmission is sometimes looked frozen.After the data transfer has finished, a wireless connection and application vozvraschaetsyak starting compound. This means that if you want to share, you should follow the instructions to run and connect to the access point durchlaufen.Das main problem with ShareIt again, heHe argues, easy to use, but it’s actually a bit confusing for serednogoKoristuvachi.

potrebnostibolee polnischSHAREit has the potential to be useful, but the lack of instructions and explanations to make use of upsets. There is also a lack of polish and intuition.Closing the access point is useful, but to return to these steps to create a new transfer to startennervig.Es mnogoprosche options for transferring photos and files. ShareIt is good for video, but it depends on how big the file ist.SHAREitobitsyae ease of use, but this goal is notIt was reached. If you want to transfer files, test push the ball.

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