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This collection includes the latest version of the best backup and recovery solution for Windows.

All applications to virtualize using the latest version of VMware ThinApp, ensuring that they are working on versions of Windows (tested on Windows 10 64-bit version).

USB-version,created with VMware ThinApp to write files or registry entries on the host computer.

Instead, they deploy all the necessary information from the directory dlyaporyad executable.

awtomatikupdate and online konneksiesis disconnected when such options available livelihood optionsprogram (Internet connection block any attempt Firewall).

Applications are registered and / or patch, you can do it from anywhere (instruction, USB drive).

Some programs of specific (32-bit / 64-bit) and the other will run on the same system.

Allfiles pereviryayutsyaESET Smart Security (Updated)

Use: package the directory of your choice and launchang your favorite programs.

Size (unpacked): 760 MB

embodied in this edition

7 Data Recovery Suite Enterprise

Active @ File Recovery Professional

Active @ Partition Recovery

Active @ Recovery Professional

Amigabit Data Recovery Enterprise

Makea data recovery technician Edition,

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Technician


HD Clone Enterprise Edition

ICARE Recovery danyhprofesional

IsoBuster Pro Build

OfficeFIX Professional (Cimaware)

R-Drive Image Technician edition collection 6012

R-Studio Network Edition Building164,571


TogetherShare Data Recovery Professional

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery

Wise Recoverythe data

ZAR (Zero Recovery Maria) Technology Edition

Portable Backup and Recovery Software DC

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