Control Reality is the last element of PES 2017, but is it enough to beat the FIFA once and for all?

Significant changes occurred

Significant changes in PES 2017 with respect to its predecessors is a function called Control Reality. Statinational control of the state is the name of a new management system that allows you to manage better players (or not from the ball). This new performance powers Pro Evolution Soccer as the best football simulator FIFATo take the crown to stop the protests.

Fizikiampira also improved, as it moves more natural and more realistic terrain. If in your possession, you have more control than ever. This improvement had a significant impact on how to keep the ball and attempted to block attacking to contain some nice interesting goals.

PES 2017 is much more physical than previous versions of negovPo since the meeting to more serious and dirty than ever. You can forget about itFair play, prepare for non-players, also grabs mwanga.Imepokelewaver improvement of the use of artificial intelligence, which means rarely making mistakes and it seemed to be very well-known area of ​​goals, and making goals that are a bit more complicated.

In this sense, bandiaIntelligence generally uses to the game, but the defense is adapted to tactikataZa your actions. In addition, AI learned how to act as a player and will act accordingly.

Only for demandingGamers

Kubwakudhibiti players with the most realistic ball movement, help teams and more advanced AI, Pro Evolution Soccer game promise a powerful and pure, to reality. Everything indicates that PES 2017 specifically focuses on demanding gamers who are not worried about kuhusumaandamano targeted at dozens of licenses. You’re one of them?

PES 2017 Pro

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