Last longer is a first person horror game based on classic Amnesia, and moves with the new features that give personality.

Outlast you need to survive the madness of the violence and death that apply in an abandoned asylum. With an acceptable story, really good control and lots of moments, Outlast is the worst game I’ve ever made. Or is it?

Krvcreva and mucus

Last longer is terrible – Miles Upshur is good poczatku.Gra the hero shoes,And make sure you have a hard time (that’s the meaning). The story often occurs, but it is very effective on screen, especially in case of real-life realistic scenes of blood and mountains. Last longer is not a game for fartyjacich: brute, violent and really under the skin.

Surviving now jedangreška never has to do you in a game of horror: routine. For the first time vszistkoNove, scary, nervous, and that’s really scary game that makes the hairs to mountain and wrist race. ButAfter the first shock, Outlast slides into a routine. Sources of “screams” are exhausted, and every challenge in the game is a small change, which means that it can be overcome the same way each time: “Go there, activate a button or handle and repeat”

Late installer is a very rare find linear section griGdzie move freely, open the door and go to the room, you do not have to. This linearity has two clear objectives: first, you must be afraid. If the game has no control over what you areDoes and wherever you are, you can not trigger a number of unexpected events not activating popup from the chair.

Drugilinearnost effect of this is that if you look at longevity you will know that this is just a huge jigsaw puzzle. Each part of the game is defined order, and if not unlikely to survive zrobiszVtedi. Finding the “invisible time” – more than any other is that crawling on allies hidinginovich closet or under the bed, malformed enemies flee or run chases – is the keyTo progress in the game.

He tried to try (or not) psychologically after the first hour. When you through this trauma OUTLAST only leve, blood and bleeding, along with many przerazeniami around czasNa top scary volume.

This is not necessarily a bad thing because, among other things, Outlast knows when to activate these sequences, and you shout about Mom. But unlike other games such as Amnesia (priličnomnogo game reference for this type), which means the environment fearthroughoutGames and stories, Outlast just easy “Boo! Scared!” Moments.

Realistic movement

One of the main attractions OutlastJest control and how they influence the game. While the game like other first-person games, our on-screen movements are very real: how the body appears, our support rukinas on the floor or rounded corners, as we walk and we look back, all control buttons Surrealism, traffic of people And a fixed place in the arms of Miles Miles.

VideoCameras will be your only instrument in the game. They looked in the dark in infrared mode, but the batteries vicerpaneUs you have to find a replacement for the level. Using the camera offers many scary moments in the program longevity although verovatnoTo the battery is low, because the game will balance the difficulty so that the battery when you need them.

Beautiful graphics and powerful sound

Outlast uses UnrealEngine 3. ItIs well used and generally very good. Better yet, any size of a computer medium can push him to his limits, but still enjoy doskonałavidajnosć.

Playground connects light and shadow and infrared cameras with excellent effect (coffee filters are very realistic). He emphasized on blood on the walls, bodies spread throughout the city, courage and better things more beautiful than when traveling.

Overall, Outlast has excellent graphics that are in the shadow ofThe annoying little problems that characterize the Unreal Engine 3 are because there are no physical objects (Ovozavese looks like a wall … aarrgh)

As for the sound – the true star of the horror – Outlast is very strong. Dialogues are discouraging, with other voices and shouts, footsteps, breaking things, highlighting a frightening experience.


Last last is a great game that fired pieces and imatetrenuci around a bit. The entire production processIs quite unusual, aChociaz game is very linear, not drawn excellent level design. Controls and some scenes stand out.

It’s the best game of horror movies of all time? In the end, it depends who plays and how vulnerable they are. But in any case, like the genre, you must definitely give Atri.


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