NBA 2K is back with many new features, graphics and game modes. Many of them are in the game, and it shows, but popular franchise to live with its highly respected predecessor?

Improved regime mileague MiCareerIakscho want to play with the team, usually during the season, NBA 2K15 has ažuriranMiLeague regime. As a way to unite in 2K13, you can customize the league completely while the intelligence of the players sold an auction. Mileague shows all NBA teams, butinAlso choose the classic teams such as the predecessors 90-91 and 25 Euroleague teams are also available. Have you ever wondered how you can see in the Northwest Division and a young Michael Jordan one on a with Lebron to Barcelona? You can do this in conjunction or in the season manually adjust their league mriii.Na as opposed to 2K14, you will be in the first round of the draft, you will need the team because of the agreement 10 days in stand-by-zarađujemestoMyCareer.In addition, bilshevibir, where the team play, the situations where (depending on the location) prevent you could be prepared to be a team and stayed up to his bench behind players like Lebron Kevin Durant or Dzheims.She An interesting feature is the system MyCareer mentors. When you join the team, one of the team will take under his wing and give you advice. The game uses real sound recordings on players who add a nice dimension to the game. Of course, that dependsVoice the effect on the ability of the actors dohravets, but it adds a beautiful shadow of realism.

Controls his team MiGMIakschoIouri is interested in inspiration successful franchise NBA 2K15 provides MIGMATE mode that gives you full control over the franchise. Ovomod, you will be talking to the players and owners how to build a team championship and build. In fact, this mode is similar to the popular game Football Manager. Play lots of team managementDoes not boring. But if you are a micro, you can change the things takvekao ticket sports coach tsin.Buduchi GM means that you have to deal with the needs of the players. Sometimes the players come to you and complain about the intensity of the practice or their role in the team. They appear the dialogues that take in his office. During the game, you can watch the game on the counter and decide what to leave at any time chasu.Vipuski back onlineTezhRezhim MiPark returned to NBA 2K15. It shows vampriimaiuchi players to team with others and face the other teams in the parks. Jabi has many chances to test this feature because I had problems finding the other players. The idea of ​​virtual teams finding a pickup basketball sounds promising. Hocha.Na Unfortunately Arent limited the problems in online mode MiPark; Social games deliberately coristeći2K-bad server. The players said they had a long timeConnection times had to wait and suffered log hri.Tsi arent new challenges and plagued previous games NBA 2K. 2K has announced that it is working on it and hope it will be sorted out soon.

Drop, dribble, shoot! If, KotorSie play 2K14, you should be at home with the control. As for the gameplay, control your teamwork and the defense have been updated. NBA 2K15 is the point in the system, which provides an excellent way to control the type of game.For example, a point that can get the attention of the crime sveIgre Derrick Rouz.Opornii focus on running separately doshki.U have the option to manually install the time of expiration, or you can let your trainer is set during the game. These underrated features of the game that you can customize the volume or the track coachs pravaczadržavajući game, is changing constantly and dynamically. This is to welcome changes compared to the previous one2K Games, which is trying to overcome the lack of tedious learning process hravtsivruh shot to compensate, with the addition of meter shot in the NBA 2K15 control and micro p’ies.Inodi. Name the biggest chance to crack the ball when the player is at the height of his jump. These are big players who have problematic heterodox movement as Kevin Martin shoots. Well, intuitive meter on each player with a line displayed pokazujekoliko long you hold the stick hit. TheMakes the game with random players that fitArent enough nevtishnim.maizherealniiHrafika big step from the next-generation version of NBA 2K14, but it does not mean that arent is more spectacular. Enviable level detaljakoja has become an important actor: the sweat collects on the forehead, the ants have on hand, and Chris Andersens tattoos and beard burnt crane.Hravtsi Arent the only ones to get graphic updates NBA 2K15. Coaches, fans and even the mascotsAll improved. Players and trainers izgledajuvrazhaiuchekrasche yet as if you stand next to them, but it’s nice not to have in HD quality players who are different for their soothing and trainer are the same as in the previous versiiah.NBA 2K15 sounds so good , As it looks. He’s the best comment you’ll find in any sportuigra with realistic game on colors and commented Clark Kellogg’s return team, Kevin Harlan and Steve Kerr. Another glorious touch,To the game is the addition of Sword Inside NBAS commentary NBA legends Ernie Johnson O’Neill. Thousands of sound recordings are both written. Predavačiintervjui (with its real voice!) More than half chasu.Saundtrek games is one thing, glove game. Unlike the past few years, the soundtrack, which is curated by Lebron, fits NBA 2K15s chosen are very popular musician / producer Pharrell Williams. It has a versatile mix of muzikeumetnici and groups,As no doubt, A Tribe Called Quest and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. You can choose to listen to music while you are playing through nalashtuvan.zadatki menu chempionaBulo easy tinkering estimates for NBA 2K15 unforgivable problems network can be honest. Every other region in the game is, however, mnogopoboljšana compared to its predecessors, but in this case, the professionals by far the disadvantages.

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