NBA 2K back, a lot of new features, graphics and game modes vanity. Many will go into the game and it showed, but not popular franchise to life after his famous predecessor?

Control your computer in mygm

If you’re in it, the heads of interesting behind the successful franchise, NBA 2K15 offers mygm mode that you have more control over the franchise gibt.Auf this way you will talk with the players and owners, as campionatoequipo to tryand membina.Pada Basically, this mode of popular Football Manager game is the same. The game offers a lot of control without a team, that’s boring. But if you micromanage, you can change things such as sports coaches and ticket prices.

GM still means that you have to deal with the needs of gamers. Sometimes players nähernSie and complained about the intensity of the practice or role in the team. It is presented through dialogue terjadiPejabat occur. During the Games, you canhas a play-by-play to see what happened and decided to go at any time.

Dribble, dribble, shoot!

Once you have played 2K14, you should familiarize yourself with the controls at home. An updated perspective of the game, control the offense and defense you are. NBA 2K15 has highlighted some aspects of the system that provides the best way to manage the game. For example, menyerlahkanbertanggungjawab of Derrick Rose rodandoXoga.One point of focus is the defense catching signs.

You have the option to have on hand during the waiting period, or you can set your coach leave during the game. This function is a game that can be followed to adjust the tone or direction of the coach to change the dynamics of the game and underestimated. It’s a welcome change and 2K Games, a balance between control and without micromanagementmencari game against.

sometimes painful learning processshoot player moves have been simplified with the addition of one meter shot in NBA 2K15. Previously, he has the greatest chance to make a profit to drop the ball when a player on the peak warIhrer jump. This proves to be very problematic, with the player having the publication of the orthodox movement as Kevin Martin. Now, the counter appears intuitive with each player mempunyaiLine shows how long you hold the rod makes playing tiro.Istosatisfying and disappointing experience with random players.

in near real time

The graphics are not the next big step ausdie-gen version of NBA 2K14, but that does not mean that it is not amazing. Amazing level of detail has gone into the outstanding player: sweat collecting on his forehead, chills appear in his hands, and Chris Andersen tattoos and beard screen rebounds.

yangPemain is not the only one who got the information graphics in NBA 2K15. Coach, cheerleader,and the animals are all improved. Spielerweiterhin surprisingly looks better than the coach if they have them in the afterlife, but the players have HD quality with their coach bland and feeling, which in previous versions.

NBA 2K15 sound as good as it sounds. It has the best comment you realistacomentario in any sports game with play-by-play and team warnabelakang Clark Kellogg, Kevin Harlan and found Steve Kerr. Another veryTouchfür good game is the addition of a comment before the internal resistance NBA Ernie Johnson and NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal. Thousands audio clips taken from both. The coach also interviewed (with their real voices!) During halftime.

The soundtrack for this game is another bright spot of the game. Unlike recent years, the soundtrack, which is cured by Lebron, adalahNBA 2K15scancións of ultra-popular musician / producer gewähltPharrellWilliams. Presented an eclectic mix of music with artists and bands like No Doubt, A Tribe Called Quest, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. You can listen to music during the game through the menu settings to play.

Ingredients champion

It would be easy to knock the score down for NBA 2K15 to them and enable problem online frank apology to. However, all other areas of Games tenfoimeningkat dramatically than ever before, and weightin this case more than the pros and cons.

NBA 2K15.1

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