Title: My old car

Genre: India, running, simulation, early access

Developer: Amistech Games

Publisher: Games Amistech

Premiere Date October 24, 2016

About the game

MY CAR CAR is the best car,

Construction, installation, configuration, maintenance and life of the drive

The simulator. Starting game with hundreds of spare parts and assembly

Both the vehicle and the engine. Not only do you have to keep the car, but

Self. Sausage, beer and will not spatvse right. As

WszystkoIdzie good, getYou can walk the car, you can use it

Different Finnish summer Summer in this region. In fact does

Crazy things under the influence of alcohol. After collecting more

Money from different arbitrary tasks, you can start adjusting and updating

Parts ordered via e-mail worm. You can put your car in

Unbearable disco bass tree or participate in the action

Rally or just repair in idealenovoe state. with

Of course, the car inspekcjęLub can enter you

Police problems. NotOnly you have a car, but

Several other cars and vehicles that can be used. (Most Valuable

At the supermarket and gets the car out of the ditch project, again).

Please note, this game is not for zemdlonego heart. Hyperthermia

It is necessary to play well because of an autistic approach to car

Zdanie.Polnaya car team with Hundreds of detailed simulation of a drive engine and a variety of vehicles, cars and boats for use iPrzejechaćTens of kilometers of dirt roads and concrete-related air traffic Random paid jobs, to cover the cost of cover food, food and drink rally competition to the eternal death of the Carnival kąpielowy90 Finnish summer! Support managers and controllers wake up more!

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements: Operating System: Windows 64-bit versions of Windows7, 8 Windows, Windows 10Procesor: 3 GHz processor, 4GB RAMGraphics: Nvidia GTX 650 TI or equivalent AMDDirectX:Version: 1GB space Sound card: soundcard DirectXCompatybilna

Recommended: Operating system: Windows 64-bit version of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Processor: Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalentMemory 4 GB RAMGraphics: Nvidia GTX 960 or AMD equivalentDirectX: Version: 1 GB free space Sound card: compatible sound mapDirectX compatible

My Summer Car UPDATE 19

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