When young father Arthur was killed, Vortigern (Judd Law), Arthur’s Uncle, seizure of the crown. Stealing his birthright and not knowing who he really was, Arthur (Charlie Hennam) came out the hard way in the back streets of the city. But when he pulled the sword from the stone, his life turned his headDown, and he had to admit that the real estate, if he liked it or not.

King Arthur: The Legend Of SwordArthur just figured out when it can kids kifalmeExcalibur honor to enter the sangattangan it. And now, the powerful sword he has, he joins the revolt and a woman named Guinevir the overthrowA dictator named Vortigern, who is in the control of the government.


Classification: NA

General Issue Date: 11 May 2017

Type: Adventure / Fantasy

Deadline: No.

Distributor: Warner Bros. PICTURE

Cast: Charlie Hennam, Astrid Bergs-Frisbey, Jude Law, Jimmon Honsu

Director: Guy Richie

Model: P2

TheftHis birthright, Arthur came in the hard way of the city’s Dalamlorong alley. But when he pulled the sword out of the stone, he had to admit his true heritage – whether he liked it or not. Arthur Young motion back Londonium Passage and crew without knowing the royal family,While catching Excalibur. After confronting the effects of the sword, Arthur was made a decision. He joins the rebellion and the girl who itwaGuinevere shadow, we must learn to understand the magic weapon dealing with the evil spirits and to unite the rakyatmengalahkan Vortigern dictator who has killedParents to steal his crown as a king.

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