GOM Media Player is a free alternative to desktop media player with a variety of additional functions. The software supports a wide variety of file types, and provides the user with extensive customization options. It also integrates with GOM mobile application that allows ombeheer on the media player on your PC using your phone as a remote control. Popular in his native South Korea, GOM now move into the English language market.

Many functions, many typesfaylovGOM Media Player padtrymlivaevelizarny series faylovtipov, ranging from general video formats like MP4, AVI and FLV to Matroska, Ogg, OGM, and more. If a player the necessary codec to play the selected file, it will automatically web for what he wanted required nakirovvayuchyvas a place where you can download appropriate codec. Designed for multi-lingual environment, this media player supports a wide variety of different formats subtitle. You can even customize the look ofsubtitles for maximum visibility. In preparing proigryvatelyaVymozhatse choose which file types will open ditoutomaties; if you want your favorite Media Player for a specific format, you do not have to open it with GOM. You can also follow specify the output video quality to the needs of your ekranai device. If you want a picture with a video tool to take screen Capture is easy to use. If you want to watch videos, to do something else, you can adjust the transparency of the playerso the video is transparent across the screen.

Simply start with a large kolichestvomvariantovOsnovnoyinterfeys GOM Media Player is relatively simple, if you have other media player application used you should not have any problems to find out. Advanced control allows you to configure additional technical parameters during playback or prasluhovvannyamedyya file. This level of the second embodiment are you will find again and again in this app – the basic functions of a simple but advanced optionsallows a high degree of customization, including the drafting of the appearance of the player. You can vybratodin with a small number of sheets pazmavchanni or download additional free sheets on the Internet.

Using gemakom-but powerful glubinoyEto great alternative media player, with good support for many file types and an excellent collection of presentation options. If you rynkudlya free media player, you can adjust and personalize widely, it kanom a good choice for you, but it isalso suitable for people who just want a simple player that any files they play gives him. The only krupnymNedostatkom this prykladannyazyavlyaetstsa which is supported relatively limited; Help funksienie much more than a link to the questions and if you question it is covered, you’re out of luck.

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