Cricket Captain 2016 is a deep simulation of pure management focus in the world of cricket. This latest version is updated and improved for the popular franchise games that many proclaim as the best cricket management series of all time.

Most of the concern about the details later5 National League

As a simulation management, Cricket Captain 2016 offers attention to detailexpected with in-depth sports. Including, dantersedia control, 79 teams from five National League. The updated 3D match engine daenekatoryya sharp and realistic graphics and animation,which add a sense of realism. The one-day match and 20/20 are part of the gaming experience as well. modeling, including database full of players with different abilities as a manager, you have to use tactical, to bring good luck to the teamyour choice. In order to keepthings interesting there are also a lot of achievements to work towards.

An exciting experience for cricket fans

cricket fans in particular will enjoy the addicting gameplay Cricket KapitanZ 2016 list of great teams played to choose from, each with a real playerthe team with a different set of talents and skills to find success is challengethe good. 3D-engine match looks good and bring a realistic measurement of each career management.

Cricket Captain 2016

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