Premium Adguard RC (Block Ads no root)

Requirements: Android +

Although root Blocks Ads

Adguard give you a government filter loaded pages at once without protection, and participation. Adguard removes annoying ads, block dangerous websites and do not allow anyone to carry the load monitor your lorem.

Not involving several things at once with a web page Adguard Processing

1. Remove Ads and Tracking code directlyonlinepage.

2. The checks a page on our database of phishing sites, and evil deeds.

3.Checksapps downloaded from a secret.


Except for # 673

The notice of license # 606

The message blocking prevents Videos App # 711


Premium features unlocked | Nor can watermark Credits



Participationemfilters Adguard provide you with loading web pages simultaneously, withoutprotection, and manageable. Adguard removes annoying ads load blocks dangerous websites and not allow anyone to track your vessellorem.


-Kaaliwan And safety

– Will be amazed by how much more conveniently and safely, according to the way of life, Adguard lorem.

– Windows Adguard

– Short list of the biggest changes: memory usage is greatly reduced, and the opportunity to introducenew singles, with the integration of WoT is a single space, the browser added support for new fixed prayers process is incompatible with the common vices and programs.

– Make use of memory

– We have the memory usage of the disease significantly. But if you use moisang old computer or a weak Netbook stagewithout slowing down your Adguard when secrecy is needed. Is compared with a trace of memory close at hand.Reply to Objection must be said that by the rotten things, and on many occasions.

– More to filter

– In addition, it is also because Adguardplus Elit. And users can use to install, diam. What is this? In addition to the established, it is an object of hatred Adguard the default, and the third part of you that is able to block websites Adguard adsang list has acted in various different segmentsthe appearance of language odio lorem. These programs can be used directly, only through choosingfelt want clicking on Add button.

– Display of possible danger

– IntegrationemTextus Finally they almost single slot confidence, which is a serious error. But the example of a website has a suspicion that, when it comes from the visit. Through such an extent, you will immediately notify the position of the website andreport, showing dahilanng can be Adguard is questionable. Category suspicion can not be, in particular: scams, the rule of law, dangerous or unethical claims, the poor will experience, and other perils of privacy.


1. Unpacketinstall

2. Close Copy and patch installation directory

3. Run as Administrator patch

4. patch, and wait until the end of this,

5 Done.

Adguard Premium v2

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