Tuxler is a simple application that is installed independently of your browser and allows you to instantly change the IP address of another. Tuxler designed for those who want to protect privacy, although it can be used to access sites that are blockedIn your country.

Tuxler starts the installer, which takes a while. Once you install Add Desktop Shortcut to Desktop and will appear on the dock. Once the ditampilkanalamat IPI is started, it is currently compiling a proxy server list in the other country,Which can be activated at any time by clicking on the large IP switch in the upper right corner.

So far, many servers in Tuxler do not work or are only available if they upgrade. Even if it can connect to one, limit it to 10 MB for data transfer, which means somethingSuch as watching the BBC iPlayer or Hulu outside the US luarInggris almost impossible Tuxlerem.

If you just want to use the free Tuxler identity protection version enough. We’ve checked proxies, as in the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia, and the Google homepage has changed accordingly after the restart,So it works. Keep in mind that as a proxy server, surfing can sometimes be very slow.

TuxlerIa works with any browser, although the lack of a free server and a 10 MB limit for the free version can be a little disappointing.


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