Stronghold Crusader II excellent strategy game Stronghold Crusader 2002 adds a very attractive element similar to Age of Empires is the continuation of the tactical mechanics, therefore, is to develop your own castle. Put yourself on the front lines of war, economic governanceand finish your opponents with your photos from Catapult!

A different strategy and shuffleboard

Stronghold Crusader II returns to the foundations of its predecessor, offering an excellent blend of strategy etataktikak captivate newcomers. razlichenrezhimi of gameplay (campaign, calculation, multi-player)or that are assigned to protect your king, will take you on missions all the time trying to defeat the sovereign enemy. small multi-player mode to keep everyone entertained dituGauzak, the average online is an excellent way for cooperation, enabling them to join forceswith the same management.

Stronghold Crusader of Vojskataprirodata is very well done: tackling complex due to the depth of many askoUnitatev real-time strategy games (where archers spear, which at the same time, the face of the cavalry in) the traditional system. tacticalaspects of the construction is as exciting as the possibilities available. duzueraikitzeko have a lot of freedom, and to expand your land and all the details to make it aesthetically inclined zamokotchest King lost.

Interface that can be improved in several ways

Stronghold Crusader standsbigarrendelako installment of its playability and content, but, unfortunately, its interface is not. From the beginning, blinded by their dirty little menus as the title gives the capability of the graphics will leave a bad player. What is worse is that menus seem to get boredquickly and interfazeasaguarekin management game that integrate it into the mechanisms that underlie this strategy games.

This can give orders to your units are limited and do not include available for use in the text bubble azaltzenNola options. It is not possible to give komandivscope, and it is not easy to choose one. It is terrible that a game created in 2014, four years after modern standards set by the strategy game Starcraft II trebazhiveat in terms of interface.

inbere technical aspects of the second installment of the Stronghold Crusader. Althoughless than impressive graphics engine, the game of greed eyes to take care of the details. The units are really well-made animations and screen filled with several dagoBizitzareni provide a sense of realism of the game elements. They appear and disappear storageresources in real time to see the spectacular iBitkite. The only thing missing buildings, detail does not detract from the pleasure that comes from animation Daho game Stronghold Crusader II.

The latest medieval real-time strategy

If you liked the previous Stronghold games, do not be fooled:this new section, you can jump in without worries. Content and playing almost diraonenak down, so multi-plearDalgo campaign with the opportunity to enjoy a well planned as IKA. This does not mean that the game is not without its drawbacks, especially its poor even onequarter of what you can expect from a modern strategic interfazeadenbora to play for real money. Lamentable fact may deter some, but not so serious satisfaction while building your castle to destroy enemy strongholds that have launched repeated attacks.

Stronghold Crusader II

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