Still, Reael remaining this new Banda Islands in the July 1618 which have an achievement off sorts

He noted in the letter on Amsterdam VOC directors one to the new society out-of Selamon (into the High Banda) had been selling its mace at Castle Nassau once more. The new VOC’s Contractboeken have an agreement to that particular feeling, finalized from the Reael while the village’s ‘orangkayas and you may magistrates’. The newest Governor-General used the possible opportunity to strengthen VOC states the fresh new Banda Islands, and impose a whole lot more limits on the local routing than ever before. Such, Bandanese anglers weren’t permitted to seashore their proas into isle away from Nera. Obviously, the brand new Governor-Standard considered that, as with any other sovereigns, this new VOC is actually entitled to control access to the region. Additionally, this new Bandanese was basically anticipated to adhere to European guidelines to have siege warfare. If for example the Selamonese wished to cruise some other cities to the isle of good Banda, they would need fly a white banner, by way of example. Is always to Bandanese vessels find Dutch ships, these were required, ‘when the sample at’, to take in their sails and permit a quest. Whenever they was inside the arms away from valid passports, they will discover free passage, however. The new Governor-Standard while the Councillors of one’s Indies may have got partners illusions that the truce pact into the population from Selamon would last any further than the early in the day preparations. Another communities with the Higher Banda stayed defiant, and you can allied having Pulo Focus on-yet Reael needed to keep their voyage to help you Ambon and also the Moluccas, where the VOC’s native partners was indeed to get disturbed as well. 80

It absolutely was scarcely a happenstance one an English interloper, the brand new Thomas, were able to receive a cargo out-of cloves in the leader out-of Tidore one to june

Reael’s tenure due to the fact Governor-General is actually visiting an end. The fresh Men XVII had felt like into the October 1617 provide the fresh new best work so you’re able to Coen as an alternative. Their meeting page signifies that it desired the Governor-General to live in Bantam in order to oversee the fresh shipment of rich cargoes towards the Dutch Republic, in lieu of battle expensive conflicts contrary to the Foreign-language and you can Portuguese within the the Moluccas. They nevertheless expected Coen to pay a visit to the latest Liven Islands basic-‘to place everything in order’-and you will expected to get development of one’s conquest away from Pulo Manage in a short time. Ominously, these were all-in favour from peopling the latest area with Chinese settlers, just like the Coen got suggested in another of their emails. Van der Haghen and you may Reael received honourable discharges, and you may have been recalled with the Dutch Republic. The directors stipulated you to definitely both men do will still be Councillors out-of the Indies up to its departure getting Amsterdam, voting 2nd and 3rd in almost any appointment called from the governor-general. 81

Overcome from inside the an effective ‘simply war’-or more this new Dutch consider-Jakarta was rebranded Batavia, and you will turned new nucleus of one’s VOC’s territorial sovereignty into the area of Java

Coen gotten the news headlines from their meeting inside late April 1618, and you will instantaneously published so you’re able to Reael and you may Van der Haghen. It grabbed a little while for the directors’ conclusion is observed, yet not. Each other van der Haghen and you can Reael have been too ill to go back so you can Bantam one fall. Coen well-known to stay in Jakarta so you’re able to manage the development away from a beneficial Dutch fortress there-a very questionable building endeavor, to say the least. Expanding opposition off both English plus the rulers of Jakarta and Bantam built more toward open warfare when you look at the December 1618. When the English gained short-term maritime prominence, due to the fleets away from , Coen in the end set cruise to have Ambon so you can collect alot marriagemindedpeoplemeet hesap silme more boats, troops and ammunition. In the February 1619, the guy grabbed their oath from office at Palace Victoria, regarding exposure off both Van der Haghen and you will Reael. Both people returned that have your so you’re able to Jakarta. Into the later Can get, Coen been able to alleviate the Dutch fortress there and you can totally damage the latest native town. Coen was not accomplished yet ,. He been a , and you will delivered individuals vessels in pursuit of new English. When you look at the July, John Jourdain is actually stuck and you may murdered at the Patani, an interface to your eastern shore of the Malay Peninsula. 82

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