Three girls are kidnapped by someone diagnosed with 23 people, and try to escape before starting to definitely awesome new 24 .. When the three girls kidnapped by a man with 24 different personalities, they have to work from any of these people will help pobegnuiya these people will try restrained. James McAvoi produced a masterful performance has psychotic kidnapper with 24 personalities.

Young street magician (Jacob Latimore) is a service ostavenda for her younger sister after their parents pass and turned nelegalnaaktivnostijinsi ofkeep a roof over their heads. When it comes to …

See full summary Young Street wizard (Jacob Latimore) still take care of her younger sister after their parents pass and turned to illegal activities krovnad head. Anapozinduka in too deep and sister yakenyara and was forced to use magic to save her brilliant mind.

While those with mental split identity disotsiativnorazstroistvo long been fascinated by subverting science, is considered to be Odon may exhibit some special characteristicsfor each individual, cognitive and psychological prism into one personality. Although Kevin has seen 23 people are believed her psychiatrist, Dr. Fletcher still remains one sink, which is set to reach dominirasvi others. Forced kidnapping three girls younger, led by deliberately observers CaseiKevin war came to live among those contained in it – and everyone around him – the walls between its divisions fell apart.

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