SketchUp Pro trend of expensive 3D modeling software like 3dsmax and Cinema4D and presents a free, easy to use alternative you can also send your creation to Google Earth for the world to see. The latest version is integrated with Google Maps to make geo-taggingciptaan also easier than ever.

The professional version of SketchUp is designed for professionals who require high power transformation of software and features, anda low learning curve. toaima ilangkapaki advantage over the basic version termasukkeupayaan export CAD, add text and graphics and layout features that are more advanced.

There is a lack of refreshing technical jargon in SketchUp Pro and unknown conditions for beginners as it is “suffocating” tool to rename Push clearer ‘/ Pull “for example. There are some tips and guides throughout toohelping you get to grips with the “broken” when you draw rectangles, circles and other mgaformi.SketchUp Pro smart predicts where you want endpoints to meet and stick close to you, save a lot of time playing games.

SketchUp Pro is not lacking in functionality though despite its ease of use and includes all the usual collection of drawing and filling tools you’d expect, the device will be available in the toolbar at the top atasskrin. tipsteaching pop out on the right side of the screen when you think you need. Other options are available via the menu system, select the ilimozheteupang hold additional pallet space to save wading through menus. Of particular note is the “Materials” range, which consists of more than 100 samples of different templates, plants, metal and glass. Shadow Adjustment palette is also worth keeping on hand because it allows you to applyrealistic shadows via simple sliders.

sebenarmenyeronokkan, though, it is when you export your SketchUp Pro drawings into Google Earth. You can upload images from the 3D design by e-mail or web site free storage ispratiteniv Google 3D Warehouse. Alternatively, you can geo-tag in one step using Google Maps, which is now integrated into dalamSketchUp Pro. You get the picture when you add geographic location to yourmodel now includes 3D terrain data plus color aerial imagery.

There are however some problems with SketchUp Pro. The most annoying is when trying to create a dome surface because beratWatakTool extruded, while pushing and pulling direktnolinii is much easier. However, the ability to export CAD format means that something will find confusing or difficult to SketchUp Pro, you can complete another application.

SketchUpPro provides fresh mudahakses 3D graphics, while providing opportunities for energy export and need professional CAD format.


If you are designing in context, creating a shadow study or photo-modelingumiiral structure, SketchUpovozmozhuva easy access to a large collection of geographic resources of Google.

We develop maps right into SketchUp. Adding the geographic location to your modelNow, one elegant application process.

The figure you get when you add your location geografimodel now includes 3D terrain data more accurate, and – for the first time – aerial imagery in color.

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