Axolot Mechanic Scrap offers mechanical heaven, earth and innovative premium multiplayer sandbox oriented machine engineers’ ingenuity and imagination placed on pure. Players are challenged to design and craft innovative machine, transformable vehicles or cunning traps. A large number of possibilities and powerful tool for scrap Mechanics.

Create amazing machine

Oral feature the player takes rôlmekanikoroboticambaye working arrangement to travel to work in agriculture mechanicala whole new world. The opponent is the task of managing employees as robots toil in the fields, the distribution of the fruits of their urban planet. On touching down, crashed spaceship, showing that all is well in the field of the planet. Previously Farmbots manageable rebelled and turn everyone else into an insane frenzy, as the chwaraewyrrhaid to use creative thinking and survival of pure hiligkujanje natural life. Players can customize and creative approach, which gives unlimited selection of components tochoose from. Sex is also customizable, mechanics can be either male or female.

More than 100 pre-selected segment, with unique size and shape, allowing the technician offered her natural flair. mecanegllyfr provides a “fingerprint” guide the development of the world. The game features the collaborative work that allows the player to see pagkamalikhainsila bespokekatika offer, providing intense game exciting and unique. Other features include a unique tool to harness that connects allthing and bring all aspects fruition mechanics vision ‘, which is a dream come true for any real engineer. lift maintenance work during the engineering project ysgafnachllwyth be restricted by the laws of physics. Raising the creator and the creation of a top flight! Players can enjoy the endless fun and sampalbahagi sledgehammer lying loose and sent flying.

technical requirements

mechanic work to remove old machine that works on Windows XP, as well as the more recent iterationsof Windows. It requires, at least GHz Dual Core processor, 4 GB of RAM. However, Intel Core i5 GHz to 8GB of RAM recommended 2GB and enough space to ensure good performance. It is not available saApple Mac OS platforms and Android now.


If ukoshabiki to create themed games like Minecraft and Audit Lite, then the Engineer Scrap best for your needs, especially if the machine environment of the world gives him clasurolFfuglen Scientific feeling. His story of being trapped in the rebel colony ofRobots give a state of impending danger and urgency for people like Minecraft is not always provided, and its ability to incorporate your ideas into unparalleled them. mechanical wonder awaits you, so download it now!

Scrap Mechanic Preview Beta

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