Title: RimWorld

At the beginning of the strategy simulation genre :,

Developer: Ludeon Studios

Publisher: Ludeon Studios

Date: May 16, 2016

about Game

I am familiar with, and from a sci-fi colony RimWorld AI is one of the relatives. Fortune, inspired dwarf stars, and by Dune.

You have three sites in the world started to sink.

Manage settlers “Mother, it is necessary, pests, diseases, and.

Fashion packaging structure, and clothing metal, wood and stone, a hundred or PellentesquemateriaDone.

Cicurumtrain cute pets, productive animaliaketa attacks beast to death.

Watch ye, and I will pull down, family, friends, and relations with the bride.

to deal with a group of pirates, with the Gentiles, rampaging animals, insects have been drilled, and the ancient giant killing machine.

Commerce passage of commercial ships, and roads.

Decorate the room for the colony to ruin something beautiful.

Dig snow, storm, storms, fires, and fight.

Easad side, and their prisoners and deserterstake, or sell as slaves.

Everytime you play a new generation aurkitzeaDiskoan.

Desert, jungle, tundra and more colonies.

Learn to play easily with the help of mentors AI intelligent and attractive.

RimWorld story is a generator. Designed to co-author his tragic, twisted, and in prison, pirate stories, winner of a peasant, and hunger and survival. Among the works are being sent to you from the world by throwing rash. all things in heaven, and they opened the pirates,In a card, and through the story of a traveling salesman is going to AI,in LL. Many of the storyteller. Paul Random stufffalta, Cassandra got up, and in order to plan, the sun, and do what is good, to do it as friendly.

Cologne, the police and did not drive out the inhabitants of the crash of a passenger in orbit yet come out of the liner. You can finally have his noble, an accountant and homemaker. You have happened proeliumlateri purchase will be turning his kidnappers, the more settlersAccording to capturing him, or said they fled. Generis your colon, so the crew will be.

Eachcolor is caused by an idol play. Nobledituzten social skills and great man in his (captive, and peace, understand the trade price), not the body, but in his exhaustion. A long time they can not live on bread increased farm experience, knows the OAF. Great earthquakes shall be in thine own conceit, knowing a nerdy, but it is not at all a social activity. Assassinin the types of engines are able to kill the soul: but he nisiet well.

the development of the colony – and I will cut off – and young people’s literature.each doctrine that defines the lovers marry deceive, or whether it will be a fight. If the tenant brings, is your best option for him two wives: – as far as one of them falls nordashing shoot her PhD.

The entire game on the planet creates a pole match. Whether the cold north, their territory, and the tundra plaguea surface, the parched places in the wilderness, it is clear, the temperature in the forest, or from equatorialibustruncatis steamed. various animals, plants, rain, diseases and the temperature ofthe earth’s mineral resources are different. Touch the disease survived the attack, choking two months of their songs are very different from the trackless wilderness and parched desert, frozen tundrajaiotze time.

You can train, educate animals. Be love, to care for his soul sad colony. beastEach is possible, honey, wine, and cut. Attacks beasts, to hate all of you are released. There are many animals – cats labradorretrievers, grizzly bears, and camels, cougars, Chinchilla, chickens, and a stranger, as anexotic lifeforms.

those who are in the sea, so you have to think about it, at any time, and to observe their situation permanently RimWorld think. Tired and a group of death erantzutekozaurituak unburied, in a confined space, leaving customers in the dark,getting, and the bodies of others in the same room or outside extension, and many other places to stay. If you are not too stressed that verberareet them off.

Wounds, infections, prosthetics, chronic conditions, and in the back you up one part of the bodybetween the characters’ effect on the possibilities of man. And eye injuries are difficult to cast or surgery. Slow down her legs hurt people. Hands, mouth, brain, heart, liver, kidneys, bladder, feet, fingers, toes, than all gehiagohorienthe effect of an evil or a wound is the same, and the logic of the game. Home to one of the body – to have a deer leg on three HOBBLE. Remove from Rhino scriptorcornu so dangerous.

The prostheses can be solved from the first body part, since beyond. It’s a wild ox leg, PaddleColonist Joe will get the means, but it is still not enough for the delay. Joe bought Bionic leg of divine power in the course of the second edition of an expensive commodity. You can also pickout buy and sell organs for transplant.

etazer more! The game has a simple community mod mod. read more

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OS: Windows XP

Processor: Core 2 Duo

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 and 384 MB RAM

Storage: 500 MB of free space

RimWorld Alpha 14

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