We WiFi router has its own laptop (wireless or desktop) to emulate network router bundled with lots of features. This allows you to share the device connected to the Internet and a few other things to everyone who participated. It also has security and main features more than othersbetter service! Quick and FearlessMi WiFi router has a large number of features surprisingly powerful for such parts are easily napravitisoftver which many attribute to create a network router. For example, you are the ones you make orangrangkaian, mozhagliadets all movies with your videos andControl playback singles: suitable for a long trip with your laptop but do not have access to the Internet. You can also transfer files back and forth, if it is your pleasure. valaupuntanpa Internet is a useful application, but it is good deliti4G internet with others, for example.Just keep one thing in mind: leave open the router is risky for security reasons and not meniediakantan We WiFi router security settings luxury. Bar, the base ChoiceOverall I VIFIMarshrutizatar is best for those who want to use their laptop computers to shareinternet and other things that do not have much reason to care about the uninvited. Easy to use and has jeda besarperkongsian video functionality, safety is not an issue (for example, a car travels above), this is a great option routerising.

My WIFI Router 3

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