Minecraft pre-release is available for those who have a game on Windows or Mac. This allows you to check in the future and help you find and fix bugs with the official version later.

The future of Minecraft

Minecraft is not the only game that is still in development, but developerMojang has always been very open and allows us to try future game elements. Every sMinecraft is easy to install pre-release.

Present pre-release, generous Finally, is full of minor patches and changesIn the game, although there were no major changesTitle are no longer there. Minecraft update “that changed the world” made significant changes in how the game was generated the world, and, of course, brought us a horse.

Now easier to use

Delaey is really nothing to lose trying to release Minecraft if he already owns it. You can easily switch between ambayona official release, and were in danger of losing the saved games.

Set before the release of Minecraft,Just download the file. Then open Run Minecraft and then click on “New Profile” to give it the name “Snapshot” and pay the price in the box labeled “Enable experimental snapshot development.”


Before the release of Minecraft is really nice additional features to the official game. It’s free and it’s a great way to see how this game unfolds.

Generous update

Before the latest Minecraft, the abundantAnimation adds a lot of new units,Thin shoulders of nature, dung under water, and many more.


IgratMinecraft should download the license from the developer.

Minecraft Pre release 1

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