The first version of Minecraft is available to anyone who owns the game on Windows or Mac. It allows you to test the future, and also helps find and fix errors in future official releases.

The future of Minecraft

Minecraft- not the only game that is constantly under development, but the developer Mojang has always been very clear, allowing users to test the likely future of the game. Everyone who has a mine is easy to install pre-release version.

sasakablaRelease Bountiful update is full of small changes and changes in the game, albeit without big head task as it was before. Minecraft “Update that Changed the World” has been great changes in the way the game world was created, and, of course, brought us horses.

Sasarahisi use

Really have nothing to lose if they try to pre-release mine if you already own the game. You can easily change your official media, and you canNot a risk of losing saved games.

Kwambakufunga beforeRelease from Minecraft, just download the file. Then, open your Minecraft launcher and hit the “New Profile”, it calls “snapshots” and search box, which says “Enable experimental development snapshots”.

Nothing to lose

MinecraftKabla release is really so good, an additional feature of the game officially. It’s free, and it’s a great game sposobKak developed.

Bountiful Update

InThe last pre-release of Minecraft, finally the Bountiful, ongezatani you new pieces, thin hands, underwater caves and more.


Play Minecraft, you must have a license from the developer ready for download.

Minecraft Pre release 1

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