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IObit Uninstaller helps remove your unwanted programs and folders quickly and easily removed from your computer. Where built and sluggish Windows Add or Remove Programs option, IObit Uninstaller works as always and picks up the slack. Additionally, it is free Uninstaller without installation.

Integrated with technological development through installation, IObit Uninstaller helps planning verwyderOnnodige easy, even when Windows “mipangoKuongeza orRemove “failed. Moreover daripadamembuang unwanted programs, it can also scan and easily remove all the food. The most interesting part is that the restore creates an image for each installation. Toolbars Removal Module With newly added, IObit Uninstaller helps unwanted toolbars remove it completely.

only more stable computer

Over time, your computer can easily become slow after piling too much food waste in a notebook and a general. But now watumiajimpango and all leftovers quicklyremoval of only 1 klikdalam IObit Uninstaller 5; and get fresh, PC faster and more stable. In addition, IObit Uninstaller 5 also shows the pre-installed programs to remove Windows 10.

Safe Browsing speed

Some malicious plug-in, toolbar and program the unwanted ingespuitsal be installed in the browser without any information that would fail to slow down the grass and pop-up. enhanced ToolbarKuziba-in all these programs will monitor the removal and produce useless and givesquickly and bersihpengalaman surfing online. Chrome Plugins and new improved removal can remove the plug-in installed via the Chrome store.

Power Safe and removed

Many program stubborn you can nieverwyder or fully assembled in a simple way. IObit Uninstaller 5 power can remove them and remove all the others, including the registry and directory few stubborn fight virusimpango. IObit Uninstaller 5 will continue the process of removal is not complete due to reboot the system; andbolehmewujudkan system restore point for every pair in case the unexpected happened.

the most powerful tools

Sometimes the user forget to throw the remnants of fast, and tools that are new in IObit Uninstaller 5 can support continuous scanning of the program established in the history of the plant, such as clearing the information does not mean that others / install package and intercept unauthorized etc. Download IObit Uninstaller 5 and you you can easily basic Windows tools therein.

What’s new:

Added remove MicrosoftEdgeplug-ins and extensions.

database malicious biggest ad base produseerdie browser plug-in is safer and faster.

The software supports more than 4,000 installations continue to plug-in and help tips.

More comprehensive and faster scan authorities.

better support installing Windows applications.

optimizedkweli time monitoring of waste dumped by some removal tool.

Supports two skins and large font size for better user experience.

38 languages ​​supported



IObit Uninstaller Pro v6

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