Peter Quill and his team search for long-lost father in the sequel to the shooting-bike adventure film of 2014.

The team struggles to keep his family together to rediscover the way he tired the true parents Peter Quill in the outer parts of the galaxy.

Located in the background of Awesome Mixtape # 2, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 puts the adventures of the team as they try to unravel the true parents Peter Quill. The hotel is located in the background of “AwesomeMixtape # 2, Marvel Guardians of GalaxyVol.2 is the adventures of the team since it pierces the outer parts of the cosmos. Guardians must struggle to keep their new family as they solve mysteries Peter Quill’s true parents. Old enemies, new allies will help fan favorite characters come from the classic comics to help our hero, because the theater universe Marvel continues to expand.

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