DxO Optics Pro Elite Building 11509 Multilingual

DxO Optics Pro is the improved image quality with demosaicing system software to better manage raw data. Discover the exceptional performance of DxO Optics Pro. In automatic mode or manual, a large number of intelligent tools can help in the improvement of their images. Thanks to the thorough analysis of each combination of the camera lens, DxO Optics Pro automatically corrects optical defects in the image Andatingkatcalidade unmatched.white balance, passion, tonal curves, multi-point balance, saturation, color protection: Take all of these tools to perform all the bright colors of your photos, or interpretations of their own color to apply.

Pushing the limits of your camera:

automatic correction of optical imperfections

RAW conversion optimized for very high ISO

The exhibition, lighting and color optimization

Batch processing for unparalleled productivity

DxO Barud OpticsPro11:

DxO PRIME 2016

olevando denoising is strong and nogsneller

Intelligent lighting weighted timely manner

Use Face Detection to the clever use of smart cards to show the whole picture


automatic detection and correction of red eyes

Micro Auto Contrast

automatically improves fine detail in your photos, but smart enough to confront and high ISO image intact

Enhanced Selective Tone

Good halftones more preserving natural untuktampilan

screen modecomplete

Find images in ámbitoproblema interesting free

evaluation and monitoring shortcuts

Easily overcome through the photos using the new shortcut

reactivity slider

Up to two times faster, giving the User Experience friction

Technical Specifications:

– DxO OpticsPro available in English, French, German and Japanese

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DxO Optics Pro 11

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