company name:

Genre: Racing, Simulation, early access

Developer: BeamNG

Editor: BeamNG

Release Date: May 29, 2015

About game

realistic driving game, exciting offers almost unlimited possibilities. Our physics engine simulates soft body each component so sasakyanReal-time, leading to realistic dynamic behavior.

The driving feel is real and visceral, and failures are realistic and brutal; While physics is very easy to control withkeyboard or gamepad Asto wheel while still very solid punoRacing realistically.

Environment and cars made by hand with passionate attention to detail. Over the years of careful design, research and experience, reliably reproduce the feel and excitement of driving in the real world.

We are a small team paligidmundo without obligation to the publisher or externointereses. Our users and modding community is our priority. Help us to make the ultimate driving experience and discoverschovidkrytoyi simulator body soft and hard can sasakyanparaan.

Key features

All future updates included free (alpha, beta), including also the last game

physics sandbox Soft-body

7, detailed customizable vehicles destroyed, with more to come

7 places to explore and go, to come conmáis

The frequent updates to add terrain vehicles, features, gameplay and bug fixes

modding and content creation capabilitiesFull – creating maps and vehicles, and the script of the game

Use the built vredaktoranumang 3D modeling, image editing software and text editing

Internet Authentication only need updating; The game requires an Internet connection to work.

Block section of our forum fóraque can get usapdirekta developers and report bugs, suggest features, etc.

Forum section includes exclusive content from third parties, including vehicles and locations.

In addition, it has a smalllogo on BeamNG forums Text

system requirements


OS: Windows7

Processor: Intel i3 desktop

Memory: 4GB RAM

Graphics: GTX 550 TI

DirectX: Version

Hard Drive: 4 GB of free space


OS: Windows 8 64bit

Processor: The leading core Intel i5 / i7 or AMD high-end 6 or better

Memory: 8GB RAM

Graphics: GTX 780

DirectX: Version

Hard Drive: 4 GB of free space

Additional Notes: Recommended Gamepad

BeamNG drive v0

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