In 1960, New York, Walter Stackhouse is a successful architect married to beautiful Clara who lives life seems perfect. But his fascination with unsolved murders led him into a spiral of chaos if forced to playcat and mouse detective clever and ambitious assassin, and in the same time lusting after another woman. noir psychological thriller that New York in 1960 based on Patricia Highsmith’s Novell a “mistake. Walter Stackhouse is rich, successful and lucky getroudomnzuriOne good spoiled Clara. His desire to self feeding his obsession with Kimmel, the man accused of the brutal murder of his wife. But when death Clara is found in suspicious circumstances,Walter string of lies and it seems enough to condemn him think wrong. If the risk of his life intertwined with Kimmel, policeman ruthless is convinced that he is the killer copycat found inWalter and the two killers of the nail.

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